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February 20, 2009

The PSB Subseries HD10 Subwoofer is very light and small. So, it has to have a very sophisticated mechanical and electronic design to achieve the results we presented below.

The enclosure has a 10” active speaker in the front, and two opposing heavy passive radiators. This is the way PSB found, to distribute the bass in all directions and get high performance for each watt produced by it’s internal amplifier.

The woofer excursion is generous 4,6cm which offers a large displacement of air to produce deepest bass. Another feature I liked very much is the concept of rubber feet. No spikes or plastic stuff. It has great and strong soft rubber feet that prevent vibration to the ground.

As always, we started the test with some tunes. Then, we played some movies, and finally, tested pure senoidal signals. The HD10 subwoofer sounded very good, producing great deep bass when necessary, at the same time recreating every little recording details. It has excellent musicality, extension, power and speed comparable to the best subwoofers we have tested over the years.

The musical test is done only with the two front loudspeakers (stereo) and the subwoofer. We played the movie The War of the Worlds, this is one of the more impressive movies to test a subwoofer. If the subwoofer isn’t good enough, this movie is completely compromised. So, is someone wants to watch this movie with a good multichannel audio system, they will need to invest more money in a good subwoofer. The HD10 had a great performance, and considering its price, stayed behind only the bigger footprint subwoofers, that cost too much.

The HD10 subwoofer with its 30cm cube enclosure fills the room completely with bass, giving solid body to a pair of bookshelves or custom loudspeakers. It also work well with towers, to complete the sub-bass range. It’s an excellent solution to the main home cinema, or the other rooms with in-wall/in-ceiling speakers. In any case, the HD10 will fill the bass gap from the in-wall/ceiling speakers, increasing significantly the final quality of the entire audio system.

With its excellent mechanical acoustic design, the small HD10 surprised everyone who was in the room during the tests, and can be easily compared to the best subwoofers three times its size.

We have no doubt that this product has a high musical quality and great commercial potential. That’s why we gave the PSB HD10 Subwoofer the Diamond Reference, and of course, Editor’s Product of the Year.

Fernando Andretti
Audio & Video Magazine

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