Audio Product of the Year - Synchrony

March 20, 2008

As I said in my full test report, although I've never heard a bad PSB, I've never heard one as good as the company's new flagship Synchrony Ones. These elegant-looking, truly full-range towers can anchor a high-end 2-channel layout, or join its mates in a multichannel suite with equal grace. On their own, the Synchrony One towers are a true 95% solution: They'll give you very nearly all the sonic precision and musical accuracy that money can buy, for about one tenth of what the world's most expensive 2-channel speakers ask. In home-theatre array, the Synchronys proved superbly capable, too (and capable of awesome clean levels) – although a $10,000 system this good really deserves more/deeper/louder LFE-only subwoofing, which might ultimately make for an $11,000 system. At bottom, though, Synchrony bears the bell away for value. A surprising statement for so costly a system? Not really, because this is truly a product for which the confirmed music/home-theatre nut might plan to save for several years, figuring, "Here are my speakers for the next decade or two." – Daniel Kumin

Sound & Vision's Editor-In-Chief, Mike Mettler presenting PSB's Founder and Chief Designer, Paul Barton with the AUDIO PRODUCT OF THE YEAR award for the flagship PSB Synchrony One Home Theater System.

Daniel Kumin
Sound & Vision

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