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September 23, 2008

PSB's Image B25 bookshelf speaker was voted by Consumers Digest as a "Consumers Digest Best Buy" saying: "These two-way bookshelf speakers from a well-regarded Canadian speaker maker sports a front port to enhance the bass responce with out the need for an additional subwoofer. They are ultra-efficient, which allows them to shift easily between soft and loud sounds without distortion.


Other recent Awards


Stereophile - "Recommended Components"

Synchrony One Loudspeakers System "Class A"
Alpha B1 Loudspeakers System "Class D"

The Absolute Sound - "Editors' Choice Awards 2008"

Alpha B1 Loudspeakers System Under $500
Image T45 and T55 Loudspeakers System Under $500-$1000
Synchrony Two B Loudspeakers System Under $1500-$2000
Synchrony Two Loudspeakers System Under $3000-$5000

Home Theater Magazine - Speaker top picks awardHome Theater Magazine - "Top Picks"

Alpha B1 Home Theater Speaker System
G•Design Home Theater Speaker System
Synchrony One Home Theater Speaker System

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