Cedia Expo PSB Update

November 22, 2006

Cedia Expo PSB Update

Denver Convention Center

It’s showtime! September is here, and for PSB, among hundreds of other C/E businesses, that means CEDIA Expo. Each fall, the Custom Electronic Design & Installation Association, with its more than 3,000 members, holds one of the largest international tradeshows of its kind in the industry. For PSB, it’s arguably the most important event of the year. Alternating host cities with Indianapolis, Indiana (home of CEDIA), this year, CEDIA Expo is being held at the Convention Center in downtown Denver, Colorado. Over the next several days, we will provide you with a look inside and a taste for what goes on for PSB at the show. (It’ll almost be like being here - except your feet won’t be begging for mercy at the end of a long day standing on the tradeshow floor!) Realizing that CEDIA is largely about the launching of new product, PSB is excited to announce that this year, they are introducing more new products than ever – so, let’s get right to it!

In a spacious booth space (shared with sister company NAD Electronics), PSB has ongoing working demonstrations of some of their new products, including the 3x CHS800E, 4x CW383, 4x CWS8, and the 2x CWA-1. Also giving their premier appearance at CEDIA are the following new products, which you will begin seeing at authorized PSB dealer showrooms in the months ahead.

All-New Alpha SubSeries 1 Powered Subwoofer

Providing more power than the SubZero 1, the Alpha SubSeries 1 features 110 watts of continuous power with a highly efficient amplifier capable of delivering up to 280 watts of dynamic peak power. This greater sustained power is achieved via a 1 1⁄2-inch voice coil that helps handle high continuous output without thermal power compression. PSB’s sophisticated anti-overload circuitry allows the SubSeries 1 to sail musically through material—both with short-term peak demands and sustained high power—which can cause audible problems with many subwoofers.

Jim Price PSB National Sales Manager (right) with some PSB Dealers

The SubSeries 1 is also updated with a heavier 8-inch polypropylene cone woofer using a substantial 48oz. magnet assembly to provide fast, controlled and lifelike lows. The extended low-frequency response, which measured at 3dB down to 36Hz with useful output all the way down to 32Hz, is due to the new oversized rubber surround that enables the driver cone to make very long excursions.

All-New 6" CustomSound Series In-Wall Speakers

With the success of their 8-inch CustomSound in-wall speakers comes the introduction of PSB’s complete new line of 6-inch models. Included in the lineup are the CW363, a 3-way system with a unique waveguide system; the CW262, a 2-way design; the CW260, a unique full range speaker for surround applications; and the versatile CW160R/CW160S.

All-New CustomSound Series Hi-Value In-Wall Speakers

Ideal for whole-house and home theater applications without sonic compromise, and meeting the challenge of reasonably priced in-wall speakers, PSB delivers six new CustomSound Series models. The CW28 and CW26 are rectangular 2-way designs, while the CW80R, CW88R, CW60R and CW50R are 2-way round coaxial models that can be installed in-wall or in-ceiling. All are optimized for a neutral, smooth and balanced sound, and employ full second order high-pass and low-pass crossover filtering to enhance system power handling.

All-New CWS10 In-Wall Subwoofer

The Custom In-wall and In-cabinet speakers

With the popularity of in-wall systems and PSB’s direction toward smart designs comes the introduction of the CWS10 In-Wall Subwoofer. This new design provides consumers with an “invisible look” without any sonic compromise. Further expanding the CustomSound Series offerings of hidden solutions, the CWS10 ideally partners with PSB’s enclosed in-wall offerings, such as the CW800E and CW600E. These in-wall systems provide a level of performance equal to the acclaimed PSB Platinum T8 and T6 floor standing speakers.

Using the same frame as the CW800E, the CWS10 employs two special 10-inch woofers. While the CWS10 is 38.5-inches long and 14-inches wide, it is still only 3.75-inches deep for in-wall installation. In order to maximize performance in the limited depth of the in-wall enclosure, PSB uses a unique design that mounts the neodymium magnet structure in front of the woofer cone, rather than behind. The neodymium iron boron magnet material allows the magnet structure to be reduced in size, enabling it to fit inside the narrow volume area of the woofer cone.

Pikes Peek just outside Denver

Good luck and good listening!

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