Dutch Review of Imagine mini Speaker

October 28, 2011

Imagine miini bookshelf speakerNetherland's premier online hi-fi publication, HiFi.nl reviews the "true-to-nature" sound of PSB Speakers Imagine mini speaker. The following English-translated quotes are excerpts from HiFi.nl's full online article covering a detailed review of PSB's Imagine mini.

"...an ideal speaker for people who love detailed music and hi-fi sound but do not have the space for large, floor-standing speakers."

"...although ideal for smaller spaces, the Imagine mini easily fills larger spaces with lustrous hi-fi sound..."

"An advantage of the PSB Imagine mini is the quiet and serial reproduction of high tones..."

"...the Imagine mini is honest and open, and provides a beautiful mix of instruments..."

"...with a collection of attractive finishes, this speaker will impress people with its beauty and sound..."

For the full Dutch review, click here.

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