Fantastic Imagine T2 Tower Review in Stereophile

October 29, 2013

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The PSB Imagine T2 Tower makes its long-awaited debut in Stereophile magazine, and proves itself as one of the top tower speakers for its value. Already carrying Absolute Sound's 'Mid-Priced Loudspeaker of the Year' award, the newest floor-standing speaker from the Imagine Series is outlined in detail across six pages, culminating editor Robert Deutsch's acclaim in every parameter of speaker sound quality and design. In addition to Robert's comments about the T2's acoustic strengths, Stereophile editor-in-chief, John Atkinson, also chipped in with measurements and noted; "as every other PSB speaker we have reviewed at Stereophile, the Imagine T2 Tower's measurements offer a clean bill of measured health."

"Asked to describe the Imagine T2 Tower's sonic personality, I would definitely use the word sweet."

"The midrange was one of the Imagine T2 Tower's major strengths, and most evident in its reproduction of voices."

"The Imagine T2 Tower strikes me as being right around the point above which improvements begin to be more and more difficult to attain."


Read the full Imagine T2 Tower review on here.

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