German Synchrony One Review

December 8, 2010

HiFi-Stars Magazine From Germany reviews the Synchrony saying:

"PSB's top model does not over emphasize the sound of a recorder, nor does it turn a Bosendorfer Imperial grand piano into just another keyboard, but brings it to life with a vengeance. The word "realism" best describes the Synchrony One's style of reproduction. Even as an experienced critical listener, these speakers make me think "I've gotta have them"!

"With the Synchrony One, Paul Barton has created a masterpiece. Great work, with sound dangerously close to "cost no object" High End speakers. It is unique in its price category and a loudspeaker which reproduces music not spectacularly, but correctly. Natural sounding, wide-bandwidth music reproduction is now more affordable. Thanks Mr.Barton...."

Full German Review

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