Glowing T2 Review in Secrets of Home Theater and Hi-Fi

April 3, 2012

Tower Speaker review Imagine PSB

Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, launched in 1994 as the first major online audio/video publication, were thrilled to hear the Imagine T2 Tower Speakers for the first time, and to say they liked what they heard would be an understatement. Editor Piero Gabucci was completely taken by the T2's "clean and balanced presentation", and said he found it difficult to believe that "anyone wouldn't appreciate the value, design, styling, and sound of this speaker."

"The finish is stunning, so much so it looks fake; a flaw would have been nice to see that it was real veneer."

"I'm struck by the sense of space the T2 can extract from the recording; the weight and strength of the stone walls or the highs of the airy space. The voices are focused and delineated."

"Powerful and emotional, the Imagine doesn't just offer the music but rather delivers a controlled presentation -palpable in the organic way a deep stringed instrument can sound."

"Frankly, PSB offers the T2 at such an incredible value that it must be on any must-listen-to-before-I-buy list."


For the full Imagine T2 review online, click here.

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