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May 1, 2007

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PSB Speakers G•Design SeriesPSB Speakers' newest addition to their In-Room line, the G•Design Series, just might be the next big import from our Canadian neighbors. Contemporary yet understated, these stylish, design-friendly speakers deliver performance as beautiful as their looks. The GT1 Tower's solid MDF Cabinet is equipped with a ferrofluid-cooled 1-inch aluminum dome tweeter and two 6.5-inch woven-fiberglass cone woofers, and it produces a frequency range of 38 hertz to 23 kilohertz. The GB1 Bookshelf speaker houses the same ferrofluid tweeter and a cast-basket woofer, while the GC1 Center speaker uses two timbre-matched, 5.25-inch woofers.

Although the GC1 Center uses slightly smaller, 5.25-inch woofers, PSB has carefully fine-tuned the center channel to match the timbre of the GT1 Tower and GB1 Bookshelf models.

The G•Design models use the same woven-fiberglass woofers with rubber surrounds that PSB uses in their Platinum Series.

The elegantly curved cabinets and seamless corners don't just give the G•Design models added sex appeal. They're also designed to reduce sonic diffraction.

The hand-rubbed, glossy finish gives the G•Design Series a striking, high-end look. With top-quality drivers, the speakers are beautiful on the inside, too.

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Home Theater

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