Imagine HT Impresses in Home Theater Review

October 13, 2012

Tower Speaker best 5 star

As a leading source for home cinema entertainment and news, Darryl Wilkinson from Home Theater magazine has awarded PSB's Imagine home theatre system, consisting of the Imagine T2 Tower, Imagine C Centre, Imagine S Surround and SubSeries 300 Powered Subwoofer, with near-perfect marks in their latest test bench review.

Complimenting all Imagine speakers for their beautiful and elegant design, natural sonic performance, and seamless unison as a complete home theatre package, Home Theater presents them with "Top Pick" honours for their star-studded performance, exceptional build quality and impressive value.

"Especially impressive was the smooth transition from driver to driver, as well as the extremely wide soundstage the T2s produced."

" Although it’s [SubSeries 300] short on beauty, it’s long on beast; and it energized the room with extremely low and controlled bass better than most other $1,000 subs."

"The clarity and openness of the upper end was so spot on that it seemed as if you could hear the crackle of each individual feather as it burst through the skin on Odette’s arms."

"Seamlessness, it seems, is an overwhelmingly consistent feature of the system, as the acoustic match of the Imagine S surrounds with the Imagine T2 was almost as fantastic as that of the towers with the Imagine C."

"Even though it’s composed of six individual boxes, the system is absolutely superb at working together as seamlessly as if it were one big speaker—or, perhaps, no speaker at all."


For Darryl Wilkinson's full Imagine HT review in Home Theater, click here.

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