Imagine T2 Earns Honourable Award in Soundstage Review

May 14, 2012

Tower Loudspeaker award winnerDoug Schneider of Soundstage Hi-Fi, the original online hi-fi magazine presented as part of the Soundstage! Network, raves about PSB's Imagine T2 Tower speaker in his most recent review, honouring the latest addition to the Imagine series with a Reviewer's Choice Award as one of today's best bang-for-your-buck tower speaker designs.

"Don’t let the Imagine T2’s modest cabinet size fool you: In my large room, the PSBs had a big, spacious, fleshed-out sound that belied their size, along with bass reach that could put to shame larger speakers at much higher prices. I was also taken with their superb imaging and the vast soundstage. But what most impressed me was the T2’s supersmooth midrange, in conjunction with very extended and airy highs that never sounded fatiguing. No speaker is perfect, but the T2’s faults were few, and can be considered benign given the speaker’s price: its bass wasn’t quite as tight as that of speakers priced higher, and it couldn’t play quite as loud as some of those speakers."

"All told, the T2 is an outstanding loudspeaker that delivers a sophisticated, distinctive sound that qualifies it as truly high-end, but without a super-high-end price tag -- $3500 is a very reasonable price for all that the T2 offers. In fact, the Imagine T2 is every bit as good a deal as the Synchrony One was when that speaker was introduced three years ago. Consumers today are reaping the benefits of Paul Barton’s 40 years in the speaker-design game; his Imagine T2 is further proof that experience counts. 'Imagine' that."


To read Doug Schneider's full Imagine T2 review available online at, click here.

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