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March 14, 2011

The Absolute Sounds 2011 CES insiders guide


Chris Martens - Loudspeakers under $5000

PSB Speakers Paul Barton is an unassuming design genius, and for evidence of this we need look no further than his latest pint-sized giant-killers: the Imagine mini bookshelf speakers. At CES, the tiny PSB Imagine Minis blew minds, serving up an expansive, punchy, and richly textured sound wildly disproportionate to their size, with nary a trace of edginess or strain. The funniest part was watching listeners enquire in vain about a presumed subwoofer, only to find there wasn't one (PSB had a sub on static display, but it was pointedly left unplugged).

Robert Harley's - Best of CES
"Best Sound for the lowest price"

The New PSB Imagine Mini Speakers driven by NAD Electronics. The Imagine Mini sounded far better than any $700-per-pair speaker has any right to. An amazing achievement.

Steven Stone's - Best of CES
"Best Sound for the lowest price"

PSB's new $700-a-pair Imagine Mini driven by a $899 NAD C 165BEE preamp, an $1199 C 275BEE power amp, and a $799 C 565BEE CD Player made the best sound I heard for the money.

Kirk Midtskog's - Best of CES
"Best Sound for the lowest price"

The New PSB Imagine Mini, a tiny, $700 two-way speaker that sounded involving, smooth, and well-balanced, played freakishly "larger" than it looked.

Imagine Mini BookShelf Speaker

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