Imagine mini Home Theatre Earns SoundStage Reviewers Choice

February 1, 2013

Imagine mini Home theater

The Imagine mini c has been a welcomed addition to the small yet mighty Imagine mini series, so editor Vince Hanada snatched up this five-channel home theatre system paired with PSB's powered SubSeries 200 Subwoofer and well, finds it to be all he needs and worthy of Reviewer's Choice honours. With crisp reproduction of cinema sound effects and lifelike soundstages, the Imagine mini package will make people rethink the capabilities of small-sized speakers, just like the editors of SoundStage! Xperience.

"It punched way above its weight class, clobbering and embarrassing systems much larger and more expensive."

"The gunshots were crisply reproduced by the Imagine Minis, and the SubSeries 200 provided the deep-bass thuds of the many car crashes. When the chase enters a tunnel, the surrounds gave an unnerving sense of actually being in one."

"Anywhere in my room, the dialogue was always intelligible."

"The Imagine Mini system provided a textbook display of timbral matching -- the sound didn’t change, and remained perfectly matched through all of the speakers, including the Mini C."


For the full Imagine mini Home Theatre review on SoundStage! Xperience, click here.

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