Imagine mini in What Hi-Fi Speaker Shootout

April 15, 2014

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What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision feature a stand-out review of the Imagine mini bookshelf in a six-speaker shootout that includes the top mid-priced standmounters, in their latest edition of the magazine. Editors of What Hi-Fi were dumbfounded by the Imagine mini's expansive soundstage and its ability to deliver honest, full-bodied sound way beyond what its cabinet size might tell you. Airy presentation, accurate stereo imaging and space-saving convenience, are only just a few of the keywords that landed the Imagine minis four-stars and on the shortlist in What Hi-Fi. That's without mentioning just how darn cute and fun these compact-sized bookshelf speakers are.

"They must have different laws of physics in Canada because the scale of the sound here is at considerable odds with the size of the cabinets - it's expansive enough and airy."

"If we didn't know better, we'd have assumed from listening alone that the cabinets were twice their size."

"Instruments and vocals are given space to perform, and stereo imaging is fairly accurate."

"Factor in the space-saving convenience, stylish design and hefty build, and they are a tasty little treat."


Read the full review here.

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