M4U 1 Wins Best Headphone Two Years in a Row

August 28, 2014


For the second year in a row, PSB Speakers is proud to announce that the M4U 1 Over-Ear Headphone has won Wirecutter's 'Best $300 Over-Ear Headphone' award. Out of the 17 tested by the panel of sound experts, with Wirecutter shortlisting five of their favourites, the M4U 1 was selected for its "comfortable fit" and "great overall sound". It was a unanimous award verdict for the panel; the M4U 1s were ranked the top two choice of all panelists, something editor Lauren Dragan said "none of the competition managed to achieve."

Backed by fantastic reviews from CNET, Complex Magazine, What Hi-Fi?, Inner Fidelity, and Sound & Vision, the M4U 1s simply dazzled the Wirecutter panelists with their phenomenal sound presentation, "the highs are clear and sparkling, and the lows, full and resonant without overpowering or muddying up the mids, which are even and crisp, enabling you to hear your music in rich, vivid detail."

Read the full review here on Wirecutter.

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