M4U TW1 Are 'Highly Recommended' in Latest Review

November 9, 2018

wireless in-ear headphones

“The PSB M4U TW1s impressed me right out of the gate,” says writer Jim Clements in his Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity review of PSB Speakers’ first true wireless earphones. “I was never bored or fatigued while listening to these and the musicality factor was well above par.” Before he got a chance to review them, Clements’ first interaction with the TW1 came at AXPONA 2018 where Clements was given a short demoing session from PSB’s founder and chief designer, Paul Barton. “I was sufficiently impressed by what I heard that I requested a review pair.” Once in his possession, it didn’t take Clements long to realize that the TW1s were not your average earphones.

“The very first thing that jumped out about the sound of these IEM’s was the excellent bass,” says Clements. Listening to Bob Marley and the Wailer’s 1976 album Rastaman Vibration, Clements found the TW1’s bass qualities to be spot on. “Somehow the PSB M4U TW1s were able to give me a greater sense of bass slam as if I were in a room and not just keeping the audio exclusively in the cranial realm.” Housing high-performance 6mm drivers, the M4U TW1 was designed to deliver synchronous audio with deep bass and lifelike detail. Switching to works by singer-songwriter Jim Lauderdale, Celements says the performance of the TW1 allowed him to reconnect with Lauderdale’s music. “I really loved all that I heard because the sound retained the balance and presentation that drew me to this album over 40 years ago.”

Rounding out his review, Clements says that he thoroughly enjoyed listening to the M4U TW1. “I am just amazed at the audio quality that’s on tap from these highly miniaturized electronics,” says Clements. “They are very musical with weighty bass response. I highly recommend these over competing models from other brands.”

Read Clements’ full review of the M4U TW1 here

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