New Imagine T3 is CE Pro Best Product of 2014

December 9, 2014

best tower speaker

In a excellent year-end review of the best consumer electronics products, the new Imagine T3 Tower speaker was selected as one of the CE Pro Editor's Pick for Best Products of 2014 by the editors of CE Pro magazine. "A few years ago Paul Barton, the engineer behind PSB’s product line, introduced his latest speaker concepts with the T2. To put it mildly, I loved the value and performance of the T2," said Chief Editor of CE Pro, Robert Archer. "Fast-forward to 2014/2015 and the company has introduced a bigger version of the T2 called the T3. Hearing the T3 at a recent dealer event, I heard many of the attributes that I loved about the T2, including a smooth and neutral-sounding tone and broad dynamics. The T3 is a great floorstanding speaker choice for home theater or two-channel audio."

The Imagine T3 is a spectacular display of clean, well-integrated bass response and pinpoint imaging. The perfect proportion of Sound Power, combined with extremely even frequency response and uniform off-axis response, creates a massive, effortless sounding and precisely detailed sound field. Find out more about the Imagine T3 here.

Read more from CE Pro here.

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