Notable Alpha PS1 Review on Techgoodnu

March 20, 2013

Alpha Powered Computer Speakers

Techgoondu, a leading source for technology and gadget news in Singapore, introduce themselves to the PSB Alpha PS1 Powered Speakers in this first-look review that labels these more-than-desktop speakers as "potential buys". Built with enough acoustic power to fill small - mid-sized rooms thanks to its 2 x 20-watt power amplifier, editor Alfred Siew was stunned with its superior sound quality compared to other compact speakers in the lifestyle category.

"But listen to the sound, and you’ll be impressed. Compared to most of what you’d find in a lifestyle store, the Alpha PS1 stands head and shoulders above with its superior sound quality."

"First, the control is much, much better than most such lifestyle speakers. There is zero effort or strain in the delivery unless you pump up the volume to way-too-loud levels."

"There’s also a fair amount of detail in the sound, certainly much better than what you’d get from most other lifestyle speakers."

"If you are looking for a pair of easy-to-set-up speakers to hook up your phone, tablet or computer, the Alpha PS1 has to be on your list of potential buys."


For the full Alpha PS1 review on, click here.

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