PSB’s Imagine XA is a Home Cinema Choice Best Buy

January 18, 2017

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Home Cinema Choice published a rave September 2016 review of PSB's first Dolby Atmos® enabled speaker, the Imagine XA. In the review, the home theatre experts stated that the Imagine XAs “are a solid combination of value and performance. “If you’re upgrading to a Dolby Atmos array, the Imagine XAs occupy a difficult to resist centre-ground, and when it comes to sheer sonic involvement they’re a blast.”

This review earned the Imagine XA speaker praise and a spot in Home Cinema Choice’s February round up of the “Year’s Best Buys,” adding to the critical acclaim the speaker has received from audio reviewers and the sound technicians at Dolby Labs. “Our team worked closely with Dolby engineers to meet and exceed their specs which when properly implemented can move ‘sound objects’ like the sound of a bird in a tree above or the swoosh of an arrow past your face, delivering moving audio around the room with pinpoint accuracy,” said Paul Barton, Chief Engineer and Founder of PSB Speakers.

The Imagine XA is the first PSB speaker to be Dolby Atmos® enabled. Specifically designed to be used as the “elevation” or “height” speaker in a Dolby Atmos system from 5.1.2 to 7.1.4 or higher, the Imagine XA creates a captivating layer of sound above the listener, and delivers the excitement of Dolby Atmos-encoded soundtracks with 3D realism. Immerse yourself in the multi-dimensional, sonic atmosphere created by the Imagine XA, and hear the lifelike detail of your favourite films as if you were truly there.

Read more on the Imagine XA review from Home Cinema Choice here

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