PSB Collects 7 Stereophile Recommendations

March 25, 2014

recommended speakers

Up against today's leading speaker designs, PSB Speakers earns seven nods in this year's edition of the Stereophile Recommended Components list, more than any other loudspeaker brand. Paul Barton, Founder and Chief Designer of PSB Speakers, couldn't be more delighted about this achievement and greatly appreciates the recognition Stereophile editors have shown PSB Speakers over the years.

Recommended Loudspeakers

CLASS-B: Imagine T2 Tower Speaker

"An excellent speaker that offers outstanding value."

Read the review here.

CLASS-C: PSB Imagine mini Bookshelf Speaker

"A clean midrange, and a wide, stable soundstage."

Read the review here.

CLASS-D: PSB Alpha B1 Bookshelf Speaker

"A taste of what a true high-end loudspeakers is capable of."

Read the review here.

CLASS-D: PSB Alpha PS1 Powered Speaker

"Suprisngly large and full-bodied sound, with clean highs and an open, uncolored midrange."

Read the review here.

Recommended Headphones

CLASS-B: PSB M4U 2 Active Noise-Cancelling Headphones

"The most consistently thrilling headphone-listening experiences I've ever enjoyed."

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Recommended Subwoofers

CLASS-D: PSB SubSeries 125 Subwoofer

"Tight, tuneful bass and surprising amounts of dynamic range and space."

Read the review here.

CLASS-D: PSB SubSeries 100 Subwoofer

"It seemed to make all aspects of the music bigger and more alive."

Read the review here.


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