PSB Imagine T3 Reveals All in CE Pro Review

March 15, 2017

After being honoured with an Editors’ Choice Award from The Absolute Sound, PSB Speakers’ Imagine T3 continues to garner praise. In CE Pro’s review of the T3, audio connoisseur Robert Archer gives the floorstanding tower speaker top marks for its aesthetics and soundstage.

Beginning with the likes of Rush’s Moving Pictures and 2112, Archer notes, “the T3s are revealing, but they aren’t cold and impersonal sounding." When describing the instrumentals on the band’s tracks, specifically the guitar parts, Archer states, “they sat well within the mix with defined definition and clarity,” when played through the T3s.

Listening to Susan Tedeschi’s 2008 album Back to the River, Archer describes the way the T3s “communicated the visceral qualities of her voice.” Regardless of whether Archer was playing vinyl or streaming content to the T3s, he found that “the speakers projected a big soundstage and imaged well.”

Rounding out the review, Archer concludes, “as dealers or as a music fan, you can’t really ask anything more from a loudspeaker than the T3.”

Read the full CE Pro review here

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