PSB Imagine W1 and W3 Take S+V Top Rating

May 24, 2013

On Wall Speaker

Sound and Vision magazine has awarded the PSB Imagine W1 and Imagine W3 On-Wall Speakers with their coveted Certified & Recommended tag, separating this natural-sounding soundbar from the rest of the category thanks to its incredible tonal fidelity and dynamic capability. In the review, editor Brent Butterworth pieced together a full 5.1 system with one Imagine W3, two Imagine W1s and one PSB SubSeries 200 Subwoofer, then listened to Jeff Beck on guitar and heard a sound that is comparable to only a handful of other soundbars. Hear what else Brent had to say:

"Calling the PSB Imagine W3 a soundbar is like calling the Red Bull RB6 F1 racer a car. Technically, the description is correct. But the item in question differs so much from most in its category that the comparison seems silly."

"In terms of tonal fidelity and dynamic capability, there was nothing to remind me that I was listening to a soundbar."

"The PSB W3 does exactly what Paul Barton said it would, which is something audiophiles probably thought impossible: It delivers a true high fidelity experience in a soundbar form factor."

"Perhaps the cleanest, most natural-sounding soundbar on the market + Excellent dynamics and easy matching with any subwoofer."


To read more on this soundbar and review, click here.

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