PSB Launches New Alphas

December 13, 2006

Our new Alpha products represent a comprehensive endeavor by PSB to further develop the aesthetic and performance successes of the original series.

Rather than merely implement various minor upgrades, we choose to evolve Alpha from the ground-up. Every new model utilizes new cabinetry, tweeters, woofers, crossovers and port technology. These new designs culminate to produce striking aesthetics and accomplished performance.

Following are a few of the many innovative developments integrated into each of the new Alpha products:


  • A new contoured cabinet design provides Alpha with broader appeal and a softer visual statement. Its shaped profile enhances dispersion and diminishes unwanted sonic diffractions, contributing to an overall flatter response.
  • All models are built with high quality MDF (45 lbs. per sq. foot).
  • Tower and center channel enclosures are fitted with stiff "window bracing". Increased structural support provides rigidity essential to minimizing cabinet colorations, giving Alpha open and natural vocal reproduction.
  • Newly formed cabinets add over 10% internal volume resulting in a richer sound.


  • All models are equipped with a new PSB exclusive 3/4” Aluminum Dome tweeter.
  • The new tweeter is equipped with an exclusive phase device and proprietary technology that provides response exceeding 21 kHz.
  • The additional high frequency bandwidth provides Alpha with distinct smoothness through the audible 20 kHz range.


  • A newly formulated “high loss” composite rubber surround has been fitted to all Alpha mid and low frequency drivers. The new surround reduces unwanted break-up modes enhancing midrange articulation and vocal legibility.
  • A new “injection molded” metalized polypropylene driver cone is being introduced into all models, improving product uniformity. This advance offers a new level of vivid sound staging and imaging.
  • Sophisticated new “high temperature” adhesives applied to our voice coil assemblies provides Alpha with higher power handling and increased reliability.
  • Deeper basket structures and a rigid composite chassis enhances magnet efficiency and deeper bass response to all Alpha models.

Crossovers and Port Technology:

  • Erroneous resonance within the cabinet is the main source of port distortion. PSB has applied proprietary research specific to tube direction and angling within the enclosure. This technology minimizes distortion from permeating the port tube and contributes to a smoother response throughout the midrange.
  • Implementation of the many new components and technologies required an upgraded crossover topology. Using cohesive quality parts that work well together facilitate simple crossover designs, reducing the signal path and preserving fidelity.

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