PSB M4U 2 on Best Hi-Fi Headphone List

April 25, 2013

The PSB M4U 2 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones have been included in Stuff Magazine as one of today's hottest headphones on the Best Five Hi-Fi Headphones List. Since being introduced, the Stuff editors have commended PSB's first stab at high performance headphones, by praising them in a recent five star 'Hot Buy' review and award. The editors describe the M4U 2s of having "excellent noise-cancelling technology", and tip their hat to the M4U 2s ability to "deliver on the audio quality front with weight, beautifully textured sound".

Top 5 best headphones

Designed by the same engineers who introduced the Synchrony One, the M4U 2 headphones combine world-class audio performance with highly advanced Room Feel technology to deliver the best listening experience wherever your music takes you. The comfort-fitting gyroscopic design sits perfectly on your head, and can fold up easily into a traveling case for protection to let you hear nothing but true-to-nature sound wherever you go, no matter how noisy it might be.


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