PSB M4U 8 Are An 'Excellent and Easy Recommendation' in Latest Review

July 22, 2018

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“I think PSB has produced an exceptional piece of audio headgear with the M4U 8,” says Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity Senior Editor, Carlo Lo Raso, in his review of PSB Speakers’ first wireless headphone. Following the sneak preview he gave back in June, Lo Raso’s full-length review is a deep dive into what readers can expect when they listen to music through the PSB M4U 8.

Beginning with the M4U 8’s design, Lo Raso says that he liked the overall styling of the headphone, describing it as “clean, practical and straightforward.” Lo Raso particularly liked how easily the headphone folded up when it was time to travel. Using both his iPhone and Surface tablet, Lo Raso first tested the M4U 8’s performance while using Bluetooth. “Overall sound quality was very good from both my devices via Bluetooth,” says Lo Raso. “Everything sounded clear with no breakup or static of any sort.” Wanting to test the range of the Bluetooth, Lo Raso details how he left his device on one side of his house and walked towards the other while wearing the M4U 8.

“The Bluetooth range of the M4U 8 was also better than I was expecting,” says Lo Raso. “We are talking about 50-60 feet worth of distance and two walls between the headphones and my cellphone without a break in the signal. I would say that’s pretty good!” Lo Raso also highlights how seamless it was to answer calls while wearing the M4U 8. “Call quality in all cases was clear and strong with music pausing conveniently to answer and starting back up when done.”

Looking to the likes of Buddy Rich, Stuff Walden and Jerry Goldsmith, Lo Raso found that the M4U 8 “excelled at recreating the spaciousness and ambience” of the musical selections, even going as far to say that the M4U 8 revealed details of the tracks that he’d never heard before when using other headphones. “The PSB M4U 8 wireless noise cancelling headphones are an excellent and easy recommendation to make for someone who needs a great sounding pair of cans for travel, to accompany an active lifestyle or for the gym.”

Read the full review of the PSB M4U 8 here

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