PSB M4U 8 is a 'Brilliant Mid-Priced Headphone' in Hi-Fi+ Review

September 15, 2018

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In his Hi-Fi+ review of PSB Speakers’ first wireless active noise cancelling headphone, the PSB M4U 8, writer Chris Martens reflects on his initial introduction to PSB’s line of headphones nearly seven years ago. The year was 2012, and PSB had just launched their first ANC headphone, the PSB M4U 2. Martens, who was writing for Playback magazine, was eager to test the M4U 2 given that it was the brainchild of renowned loudspeaker designer, Paul Barton. In that review, Martens said that the M4U 2 was one of the most versatile, well executed pair of headphones he’d ever tested. Now with the release of the PSB M4U 8, Martens was curious to see if PSB had retained the magic of the M4U 2.

In his review, Martens gives readers an overview of the advancements made with the M4U 8 since the release of the M4U 2. Complete with Bluetooth® powered by Qualcomm aptX™ HD, built-in rechargeable batteries, and an all-new design, Martens says that the M4U 8 builds off the success of the M4U 2 and delivers a headphone that will work in a variety of use cases. Although the M4U 8 may have the same three listening modes that the M4U 2 had, Martens is quick to point out that he was able to clearly hear the differences between the two models. While listening to the likes of Lou Reed and the Persuasions, Martens found that both the M4U 8’s active and ANC modes delivered a lively and articulate sound.

Martens ultimately calls the PSB M4U 8 “a brilliant mid-priced headphone that fulfills many different roles and meets a wide range of requirements in a hugely successful way.”

Read the full Hi-Fi+ review of the M4U 8 here 

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