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December 8, 2005

This is the big one – The Absolute Sound's annual roundup of every product they recommend in every category and at every price level. The Editors&rsquo Choice Awards recognize the best-of the Best in each component category. How did PSB do you might ask? Well The editors at The Absolute Sound deemed it necessary to give PSB Speakers THREE Awards. There was barely any room for other manufactures. Have a look and see what products were given this great yearly honor


PSB Platinum M2 Monitor LoudspeakerEditors' Choice in - Loudspeaker $1500 - $2000

PSB Platinum M2 Monitor $1999

"The Platinum M2 Shines in its ability to reproduce the weight, majesty, and complexity of every kind of music. Tonally, the speaker in sure-of-foot through the midrange and wel into the midbasss region. High are extended and neck-snappingly quick..."


PSB SubSeries 5i SubwooferEditors' Choice in - Subwoofers $350-$700

PSB SubSeries 5i Subwoofer $499

At this point no one should be surprised by what this Canadian speaker company can do in the lower-price range. Even so, the performance of this econo-sub is semi-unbelievable. Extension, dynamic slam, and good musicality from this 10” bass-reflex design make it the perfect match for misers with the Midas touch.
Reviewed by NG, issue 48


Editors' Choice in - Loudspeakers Under $500

PSB Alpha B Monitor $249

"PSB's Alpha B may not have all the detail, tonal neutrality, or refinement of the best mini-monitors, but its sound is remarkable open and specious, and its imaging is precise and impressively tree-dimensional...."

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