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March 26, 2007

For a few years now the staff at The Perfect Vision magazine have recognized the amazing PSB Speakers Receives an award for Loudspeaker of the year for the Image T55 Home Theater Systemwork being done by the PSB engineering staff. This year being no exception, Neil Gader picked the PSB Speakers Image T55 Home Theater System as Product of the year in the loudspeaker categories. Here is what he had to say.

"It must seem to some of our astute readers that the Canadian loudspeaker company PSB has a lock on this category. Not so; all the contenders were carefully, even agonizingly, considered. But once again, the carefully measured and balanced approach of the PSB's refreshed and refined Image T55 system gets the ultimate nod. The lynchpin of the system is the 2.5 way T55 Tower Speaker , it dances with the dynamic athleticism of gene Kelly and the finesse and attention to detail of Fred Astaire. What you'll experience in spades is a balanced musical approach that places midrange accuracy and dynamic expression squarely in the driver's seat where they belong.... Once you factor in the superb and articulate C60 center channel (this one really steps up to the plate!), the immersive S50 dipole/bipole surround, and the pitch perfect stomp of the 225W Class H SubSeries 6i subwoofer, there's an overall system frothing with musicality and excitement, envelopment, and detail on a level that must make some of PSB's competitors green with envy (or red faced with embarrassment). If this system doesn't get your heart racing, don't call us, call your doctor."

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