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November 19, 2007

Synchrony Tweeter


The Synchrony woofers and midranges bristle with advancements. Laminated cones sandwich fine-weave fiberglass and compressed-felted fibers into a uniquely rigid, self damping, low-mass diaphragm for higher sensitivity and smoothness. Oversized voice coils, and distortion-arresting motor structures* preserve magnetic linearity at even extreme excursions, for clarity, detail, and “drive.” Carefully engineered ventilated spiders, and rubber surrounds contribute both error-free dynamics and longevity. The cast aluminium Synchrony baskets are superbly rigid, aerodynamically “open,” and magnetically inert, resulting in maximum efficiency of the motor/magnet structure.

* (A) Aluminium Bullet (B) Copper Shorted Turn, (C) Aluminium Focus Ring



Synchrony Cabinet Construction

Cabinet Construction

Double-locking aluminium corners bind each Synchrony enclosure with incredible solidity and “float” its elegant perforated aluminium grille — a uniquely open pattern that’s genuinely acoustically transparent. The double-layer aluminium front baffle sandwiches an elastometric layer that damps unwanted vibrations, fixing the drivers in an utterly rigid, inert working surface.

PSB’s unique construction details help make the Synchrony family one of the strongest, most inert, resonance-free enclosures in the industry. Extruded aluminium front and back panels unite subtly curving, seven-layered, hand-veneered sides into an unbelievably robust structure. Their unbroken, Terminalsdiffraction-free surfaces and near total resistance to coloration-carrying vibrations yield arresting sonic purity—and smooth, beautiful surfaces utterly devoid of visually intrusive hardware. The Synchrony towers use immensely complex computer optimized box tuning and crossover networks. Subdivided into three discrete chambers—one for each woofer—they uniquely harness the “floor-bounce” that plagues other floorstanding speakers to extend and smooth response instead of roughening and curtailing it.

Terminal Cup

Even Synchrony’s solid-metal speaker connectors have been specially designed: goldplated for maximum conductivity; accepting banana plugs, pins, spade-lugs, or wire up to 10 gauge; equipped with unique, ergonomically designed easily grasped tightening “wings”; and of course configured with discrete woofer/tweeter terminals for easy bi-wiring/bi-amping.



Sychrony TweeterTweeter

The titanium Synchrony tweeter, an evolution of PSB’s famous 25mm metal-dome design, incorporates more than a score of new features engineered to extend high-output, distortion-free response while banishing the dynamic compression that limits most designs. This is achieved by a lighter, stiffer, and Ferrofluid-cooled voice-coil, along with a computer-optimised magnetic circuit using a high-flux neodymium magnet to maintain perfect linearity under even the highest power drive.

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