PSB expands In-Wall line-up

December 13, 2006

PSB expands In-Ceiling/In-Wall line-up

Eleven new models offer exceptional performance and affordability for whole-house audio and home theater applications.

PSB Speakers, long renowned for affordable excellence, offers eleven CustomSound in-wall speaker solutions, the CW363, CW262, CW260, CW160R, CW160S, CW28, CW26, CW80R, CW88R, CW60R and CW50R. These eleven new models meet the challenge of reasonably priced in-wall speakers that would be ideal for any home entertainment application including whole-house audio and complete home theater speaker setups.

PSB is a long time leader in custom installation and every new in-wall model exemplifies the traditional PSB attributes of great sound quality and value. Designing a loudspeaker without sonic compromise, at a reasonable price, and meeting the demands of how customers want their sound equipment to blend into the décor was a challenge. However, the challenge was met and exceeded with these new CustomSound products, which expand PSBs offerings to provide installers a broad range of in-wall and in-ceiling solutions for any application.

In-wall loudspeakers must deal with limited space within the wall but there is no standardization with respect to wall cavity volume. This means that open back, in-wall speakers must be designed for peak performance regardless of the wall cavity volume. PSB accomplishes this by giving the woofers higher mass and stiffness than with conventional "in room" enclosures. Extensive simulations and testing were used to create speakers that deliver high-performance sound quality with a broad range of wall cavity volumes. All models employ full 2nd order high-pass and low-pass crossover filtering to enhance system power handling and achieve a smooth and very well balanced sound.

CW363 / CW262 In-Wall Speakers

The CW363 and CW262 use a midrange and tweeter assembly that rotates so that the system can be mounted horizontally or vertically for tremendous installation flexibility. Additionally, the tweeter is mounted on a proprietary SonicGuide™ that swings 30 degrees in either direction. The SonicGuide is designed for the proper amount of directivity and optimized to give good response whether aimed straight out or canted full left or right. Only the tweeter pivots since extensive testing proved that in-walls with pivoting midranges had no aiming advantage but typically created frequency response and air leak problems along with frequent buzzing.

Both models employ two toggle switches to set midrange and treble levels. Each switch has two positions providing about 2 dB of separation.

CW260 In-Wall Speaker

In-Wall SpeakersThe CW260 is a unique in-wall speaker designed specifically for surround channel applications. A plate on the face of the speaker cross fires two drivers at 90 degrees to each other (one 45 degrees left, the other 45 degrees right). The contour and smoothness of the plate is essential to the speaker’s even frequency response, which allows energy to be directed away from the listening position.

This is critical because the role of a surround speaker is to create a diffuse sound field by bouncing as much sound energy off of the room’s surfaces while reducing the energy that arrives at the listener’s ears directly. The CW260 achieves this in two distinct modes: Bipole and Dipole, which is switchable.

Dipole operation puts the two full range drivers out of phase so that their energy cancels each other, creating a more diffuse effect. The Bipole mode puts the two drivers in phase, which makes listener placement less critical. While primarily installed vertically, the plate can be unbolted and turned 90 degrees for horizontal orientation. A treble level switch optimizes the system to rooms with differing acoustics.

CW160R / CW160S In-Wall Speakers

The CW160R and CW160S are offered in round (R) and square (S) framed configurations. Both employ the SonicGuide™ to provide a moderate amount of near constant directivity, resulting in more uniform response throughout the listening area. The added directivity greatly reduces the energy that can spill around the tweeter to reflect off of the woofer cone that is directly behind the tweeter. This further improves the overall frequency response and balance of the system.

The SonicGuide swings left and right 30 degrees and rotates 180 degrees around its central axis, so listeners at any normal location can be within its main lobe of energy providing extraordinary performance from a coax system. Two switches are provided to fine-tune the midrange and treble levels.

CW28 / CW26 In-Wall Speakers

The CW28 and CW26 are essentially the same, except for the size of the woofer. Both utilize fiberglass textured polypropylene cones designed for high power handling, delivering a smooth response with an extended bandwidth. The tweeter uses a pivoting mount so it can be aimed directly at the listening area. Two response tailoring 3 - position rotary switches allow subtle balance adjustments to the midrange and tweeter levels for optimizing room acoustics and listener tastes.

CW80R / CW88R In-Wall Speakers

IN-Wall SpeakersThe CW80R and CW88R are coaxial designs using the larger 8-inch woofer under a pivoting tweeter. The CW88R is outfitted with a dual tweeter array and the woofer has dual voice coils making to possible to reproduce the left and right channels from a single speaker.

CW60R / CW50R In-Wall Speakers

The CW60R and CW50R are essentially the same coaxial design as the CW80R except each is outfitted with different size woofers and use a smaller ¾-inch tweeter compared to the standard 1-inch tweeter used in all the other models.

All of the new PBS in-wall models are mounted in the wall using 'dog leg' mounting clamps, which are popular among systems integrators because of their quick and simple installation. Gold plated speaker posts are provided, accepting a wide variety of cable terminations.

PSB's Performance Enclosure, greatly enhances the performance of PSB's in-wall speakers. additionally noise isolation from room to room is reduced by 8 to 12 dM - this is equivalent to turning the system down to 1/10th of the systems power! For added bass response, the CWS8 in-wall passive subwoofer with the CWA-1 Subwoofer Amplifier combination is a perfect match with all of these CustomSound models.

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