PSBs SubSeries 450 Continues To Make Shockwaves

November 22, 2016

“SubSeries“I fully expected this sub to shine with music ¬—and it exceeded those high expectations,” says David Vaughn of Sound and Vision in his review of PSB Speakers’ SubSeries 450 DSP Controlled Subwoofer. Released in the spring of 2016, the SubSeries 450 is PSB’s most advanced, high-performance subwoofer to date.

In the review, Vaughn talks about the various pieces of music he played through the SubSeries 450 to test its full power. “Reliving my youth, I played some bass-intensive rap from the Beastie Boys (“No Sleep Till Brooklyn”), Run-D.M.C. (“It’s Tricky”), and N.W.A. (“Dope Man”), each at high level, to see if I could make this beauty break under intense pressure. I failed.” Vaughn concludes his review by stating that “the build quality is top-notch, and its performance with music is some of the best I’ve ever heard.”

A true PSB flagship design, the SubSeries 450 is crafted using the highest quality components, custom-tooled mechanics, and innovative driver technologies. The SubSeries 450’s use of digital signal processing (DSP) has allowed PSB’s engineering team to maximize all aspects of performance; the flattest frequency response, as well as a powerful bass extension, all thanks to an advanced DSP crossover.

Read Sound & Vision’s full review here.

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