Powerful Imagine T2 Review from Absolute Sound

November 1, 2012

Tower speaker best buy

Editor Robert Greene of The Absolute Sound, part of AVguide's network of audio/video publications, unlocks the "tower of power" in his exceptional review of one of TAS's top floorstanding speakers for 2012, the Imagine T2 Tower. As the latest addition to PSB's acclaimed Imagine Series, the five-driver T2 Tower offers extraordinary quality at a reasonable price, as mentioned in Greene's comprehensive review where he encourages all listeners to hear one of Paul's Barton most impressive designs.

"...represent something of a fresh departure for PSB in a few directions and something truly exceptional in sound quality, too, even by usual PSB high standards."

"The T2s are accurate, indeed, as speakers go. But they are also quite often, for lack of a more precise phrase, beautiful sounding."

"The most immediately surprising feature of the T2s is the power and extension of the bass. One really does not expect such a small, discrete speaker to get the full bass impact of the orchestra."

"Their performance in terms of their fundamental design criteria— in particular, neutral smooth response on- and off-axis—is so extraordinarily good that there is not that much obvious competition near the price range..."


For Robert Greene's full Imagine T2 Review from The Absolute Sound, click here.

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