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March 6, 2007

Art and Automation, Inc.

Art and AutomationIs your home waiting for you? In your busy lifestyle, every moment is precious. With a custom designed system by Art and Automation, your home’s technology is simple and beautiful, and in that environment you can relax sooner.

Founded in 2002, Art and Automation, Inc. specializes in creating “custom designed environments.” Working with elite developers in Hawaii and California, AAI designs and blends invisible technology into their clients’ homes, creating environments that reflect the needs and passions of their owners. Mike Ruger, co-founder of AAI, notes that “by integrating superior technology into the artistic design of the home we create immersive, environments that appear to run as if by magic.”

Fortunately, AAI’s founders are not new to creating this kind of magic – each are former Walt Disney Imagineers with backgrounds in special effects and theater design who spent years building immersive environments for theme parks around the world. They are experts at integrating beauty and functionality, and utilizing technology to its utmost potential. The result is homes that are effortless to control.

Many of their clients are frequent travelers who want their homes to function like personal resorts – a home always at the ready. Their clients expect their preferred climate and lighting set, their favorite movie or music cued up, and the spa bubbling at their ideal temperature, all before they even pull into the driveway.

This personalized, invisible technology is the result of the careful focus and tailoring of a home’s systems to meet AAI clients’ specific needs and passions. “We strive to help tell the story of the home, and enrich the owners’ living experience. What we do is intended to be omnipresent but invisible,” says Paul Bailey, AAI’s CEO.

AAI believes it is crucial to offer its clients the most appropriate and artistically pleasing technology to meet their needs without compromising the interior design of the home. “I am continually impressed with the wide-range and versatility of PSB speakers. Speakers are both an aesthetic and functional choice – with PSB we are able to give our clients both at a very high quality,” says Ruger. Art and Automation continues to rely on the great sound and performance of PSB speakers to create truly custom designed experiences, and is pleased to be a PSB partner.

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Ace Awards
Home automation of the year

Art and Automation
1826 Wili Pa Loop - Suite 3,
Wailuku, Hawaii 96793
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Art and Automation


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