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May 27, 2005

Alpha Series Home Theater Speaker System
By Daniel Kumin

"Right from the start the Alpha T impressed me as an unfailingly smooth, accurate vocal reproducer. Both male and female voices sounded natural, open and unforced, coming very close to matching my reference stereo speakers, which originally cost a good deal more then the entire six piece PSB array..."

"...The T's treble balance was neither recessive nor spitty but just about spot-on. Highs were clear, crisp and detailed. Overall, the alpha Ts sounded just about perfectly balanced..."

"...On its own, the Alpha T deserves attention as a modestly priced stereo speaker. Deep-bass performance of the Alpha T / SubSonic 5 Combination was very good..."

"...Indeed, the alpha B is a ridiculously good speaker all around for its low price of $249 a pair, and I like the light-cherry finish..."

"...The center speaker sounded articulate and clear, with just a hint of midrange emphasis - which actually enhanced intelligibility a bit..."

"...The overall system played surprisingly loud - a good 10dB louder then a typical compact system built around 4-inch (or smaller) woofers. And 10dB is a lot!..."

"...I've come to expect solid performance from PSB subwoofers, and the SubSonic 5 does not disappoint me..."

"...The PSB Alpha suite is a really good home theater speakers system - and an even better value"...

"...If you're a dollar conscious shopper= and especially if stereo (and surround) music is as important to you as movies - you owe it to yourself to give the new PSB Alphas an audition..."

Daniel Kumin
Sound & Vision

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