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May 25, 2005

"The most wallet-friendly sub in this batch, the SubZeroi breaks out of the typical cube to assume more speaker-like proportions. The front mounted level and crossover controls are useful if you like to tailor the sound for each movie or if you just don’t want to have to move the sub out of position to make adjustments. And a toggle switch lets you bypass the crossover if you’d rather handle that function through your preamp or receiver. I had little trouble integrating the PSB sub with my satellite speakers.

The SubZeroi did an excellent job with soft jazz and rock tunes. It might seem strange to talk about imaging and mid-rangey things like vocals and trumpets in the same breath as a subwoofer, but the upper end of a sub’s range can reach into the lower end of a voice’s or instrument’s range. And a sub that can’t put out sufficient deep bass can cause the tonal balance of the entire system to shift upward by putting the emphasis on the middle and upper frequencies at higher listening levels.

At normal listening levels, the PSB sub got the tonal balance just about right, helping to keep the vocals and instruments clearly placed and stable....

In general, the PSB offers better-than-average output for its price class.... There was no “chuffing”, however, or any of the other overload annoyances that are sometimes heard with ported speakers.

The SubZeroi managed to make it down to a convincing 32 Hz – which is probably low enough for modest home theater setups. You can’t help but admire a product that knows its limits and faithfully observes them."

Sound & Vision

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