Stereophile Recommended 09

April 30, 2009

Recommended Components 2009


Recommended Speaker "Class A"

PSB Synchrony One - Tower Speaker

Reviewer: John Atkinson


"...surprisingly deep bass for a relatively small speaker; a neutral, uncolored midrange; smooth, grain-free highs; and superbly stable and accurate stereo imaging."

"...the speaker boasts 'world-class' fit'n'finish; its gracefully curved sidewalls are laminated from seven layers of MDF and seamlessly fitted to the speaker's extruded aluminum front and rear baffles for an overall 'understated elegance.'"


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Stereophile Products of the Year

Stereophile also announced its choices for Products of the Year 2008, with honorable mention going to the PSB Synchrony One in two categores: "Product of the Year" and "Loudspeaker of the Year".

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Recommended Speaker "Class B"

PSB Imagine T - Tower Speaker

Reviewer: Sam Tellig


"The Imagine Ts provided excellent imaging and a broad, deep soundstage. The placement of instruments and soloists across that stage was remarkably precise..."

"The Imagine T is as sumptuous to touch as it is to look at. Note the curved sides, designed to break up standing waves and prevent boxy colorations."


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Recommended Speaker "Class C"

PSB Imagine B - Bookshelf Speaker

Reviewer: John Marks


"With it's real-cherry wood veneer and gracefully curved cabinet, the Imagine B offers appearance and fit'n'finish 'leagues ahead of its price.' It offered 'clarity and listenability in spades' and had 'remarkable bass extension and volume...'"

"...PSB's Imagine B is an important loudspeaker."


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Recommended Speaker "Class D"

PSB Alpha B1 - Bookshelf Speaker

Reviewer: John Atkinson 


"If you are a classical music lover with a small room and an equally small budget, a pair of PSB's Alpha B1s is just what you need...Extraordinary value."


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John Atkinson, Sam Tellig, John Marks

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