SubSeries 500 Wins EISA Award

September 1, 2010

Warren Izzett, PSB European sales manager was at the EISA awards ceremony in Berlin to ecept the award for Best "European Home Theater Subwoofer" . One of the interesting things that the EISA comittie has donethis year is to create a "video citation" for each of the winners.

The EISA awards are unique because you do not pay to have your product considered. Your product has to be nominated by one of 50 magazines from 20 different European countries. Then the product is listened to and voted on by the EISA members.

What did the EISA Award panel have to say about the PSB SubSeries 500?

"Whatever loudspeakers you currently own, all but the very largest could not fail to be assisted by the PSB SubSeries 500 subwoofer. With capacity in hand to play those all-important low frequencies down to 20Hz, its 12in low frequency driver sports a diaphragm made of woven fiberglass, powered by an amplifier able to kick out a claimed 500W and dynamic peaks of 1500W. Still compact and space-saving, the sound of this subwoofer is clean, unusually controlled, tight and distortion free. It is not just a fantastic addition to any home theatre system but the ideal solution to reinforce your high quality hi-fi system, too."

Important Reasons

  • Groundshaking sound
  • Large and powerful amplifier
  • Full bass extension
  • Compact and well build
  • Effortless and very dynamic sound



EISA Award for the Best European Home Theater Subwoofer EISA Award for the Best European Home Theater Subwoofer - Warren
Warren Izzett International Sales Manage, being presented with the EISA Award for the
Best "European Home Theater Subwoofer"


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