Synchrony One Prevails as Recommended Component

February 29, 2012

SoundStage Hifi Speaker Award

In their latest publication, SoundStage, one of today's longest running high-end audio and music production magazines online, has recognized PSB's flagship Synchrony One floorstanding speaker as one of today's leading loudspeakers in its respected class with their prestigious "Recommended Reference Component" Award. Outclassing reference-grade speakers costing a whole lot more, editors and listeners alike had a lot to say about this affordable, "true-to-nature" loudspeaker masterpiece!

“The Synchrony One’s sonic performance is first-rate. Doug Schneider found it to be among the most neutral speakers he’s ever reviewed, and with midrange performance second to none: The One’s midrange "sets a new standard for tonal accuracy, clarity, and detail." When he wrote that, Doug wasn’t just talking about speakers at or near the One’s price -- he meant at any price.”

"It’s also the least-expensive loudspeaker to ever be included in our list of Recommended Reference Components"

“PSB's reputation for high performance at affordable prices is upheld by the Synchrony One. In fact, the One might be the best loudspeaker Paul Barton has ever made and the best example of his design philosophy so far. It’s also the least-expensive loudspeaker to ever be included in our list of Recommended Reference Components. But it’s important to realize that the Synchrony One isn’t being recognized as an RRC for the performance it offers at the price; rather, it’s a reference-caliber speaker that competes with top-class speakers at any price, but that happens to sell at a very low one -- which makes this outstanding loudspeaker even more so.”


For more information on this Recommended Reference Component Award, click here.

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