TAS 2007 Editors Choice Awards

September 26, 2007

2007 Golden Ear awardLoudspeakers Under $500

PSB Alpha B1

Golden Ear Award '07

"Yet another "how-does-he do-it?" loudspeaker from the prolific mind of Paul Barton. The new, more curvaceous Alpha combines mind-bending dynamics and a rich mids in a speaker barley a foot tall. Even the midbass has power and pitch definition rarely found in this modest price range." Reviewed by Neil Gader, Issue 170

Loudspeakers Under $500-1000

PSB Image T45 and Image T55

"As Successors to the popular Image Series, the T45 and T55 had big shoes to fill. These small and mid-sized floorstander do not disappoint. Both are well balanced tonally, with superior driver integration, excellent output capability, and a fair amount of extension...dynamics are gutsy and details well reproduced." T45 reviewed by Jim Hannon, AVgM, Issue 11; T55 by Neil Gader, Issue 152

Loudspeakers Under $1500-2000

PSB Platinum M2

Product Of the Year '03

"The Platinum M2 shines in its ability to reproduce the weight, majesty, and complexity of every kind of music. Tonally, the speaker is sure-of-foot through the midrange and well into the midbass. Highs are extended and neck-snap-pingly quick..." Reviewed by Neil Gader, Issue 145


PSB Series 5i

"At this point no one should be surprised at what this Canadian speaker company can doing the lower-price range. Even so, the performance of this econo-sub is semi-unbelievable. Extension, dynamic slam, and good musicality from this 10" bass -reflex design make it the perfect match for misers with the Midas touch." Reviewed by NG,TPV, Issue 48, and CM, TPV, Issue 69

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