TAS Editors Choice Awards 7 to PSB

February 14, 2011

The Absolute Sound - Editor's Choice Awards

March 2011



PSB Subseries 5i Subwoofer $549

At this point no one should be surprised at what this Canadian speaker company can do in the lower-price range. Even so, the performance of this econo-sub is semi-unbelievable. Extension, dynamic slam, and good musicality from this 10" bass-reflex design make it the perfect match for misers with the Midas touch. Neil Gader TPV Issue 48, and CM, TPV, Issue 69


Loudspeakers Under $500


Alpha B1 loudspeakers $279

Yet another "how does he do it?" loudspeaker from the prolific mind of Paul Barton. The new, more curvaceous Alpha combines mind-bending dynamics and rich mids in a speaker barely a foot tall. Even the midbass has power and pitch definition rare in this modest price range. Neil Gader, Issue 170


Loudspeakers between $1000-$1500


Imagine B, Bookshelf LoudspeakerImagine B Bookshelf Loudspeaker $1000

Think Imagine T Minus a midbass driver and a floorstanding enclosure. There's the same voice in the expressive midrange and treble and, with only minor exceptions, the same superb balance. The B can't quite quite chew on bass lines like the Imagine T loudspeaker can, but as if to compensate the B seems a bit lighter and fleeter of foot in the upper mids and lower treble. Neil Gader, Issue 189

Image T6 Tower Loudspeaker $1199

Paul Barton's latest creation again sets a standard for performance in this class. The Image T6 Tower Loudspeaker's dual 6.5" woofers deliver realistic bass down to 35Hz (-3dB) coupled to a very clean, pure, transparent midrange. The bass tends toward the warm and "boomy" rather then dry and tight site. The treble is clean and extended, albeit with a bit of exess energy. Th Image T6 Tower Loudspeaker's low-diffraction cabinet has paid off in outstanding imaging; the Image T6 Tower Loudspeaker's easily disappear into the soundfield. Robert Greene, Issue 200


Loudspeakers between $1500 - $2000


Synchrony Two B Loudspeakers $1750

Another Brilliant two-way compact from Paul Barton and crew. The "mini-me" to the larger Synchrony Two Tower, the Synchrony Two B Bookself Loudspeaker is more of a classic "voice" speaker and windfall for chorale listeners and singer / songwriter aficionados. Capable of solid 60Hz extension... Neil Gader, Issue 177


Loudspeakers between $2000 - $3000


Imagine T Tower Loudspeakers $2000

Tonally neutral and Dynamically turbocharged, this short, two-and-a-half-way Tower offers a balance of audio virtues that is classic PSB. from the vivid midrange to the powerful midbass, nothing seems out of joint - and that goes for the Imagine T Tower Loudspeakers seamless curvilinear enclosure. Not as nuanced as the Synchrony but more then good enough to make you feel like a big spender. Neil Gader, Issue 189


Loudspeakers between $3000 - $5000


Synchrony Two Tower Loudspeaker $3500

A sonic extrovert, with dark voluptuous tonality, the Synchrony Two Tower offers bone-rattling dynamic exitement in a sleek, four-driver, two way, bass-reflex design. Two of its woofers high-pass to the tweeter at differing frequencies, giving this PSB marvelous coherence and extension from bottom to top... Neil Gader, Issue 177

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