TPV reviews CW800E-CWS8

January 1, 2007

PSB CW800E and PSB CWS8 I-Wall Loudspeaker System

In-Wall Sound Goes Platinum

"A longtime builder of high-quality loudspeakers, PSB has adapted the driver array from its floor standing Platinum T8 tower into the CW800E, an impressive full-range in-wall loudspeaker.

The Tall, rugged wooden enclosure houses a 1-inch metal dome tweeter flanked by two 4.5-inch midranges and two 8-inch woofers, with cones made from woven fiberglass for stiffness with low moving mass. The sealed heavy enclosure eliminates acoustic variables from any structure in which it's mounted.

Amenities include heavy-duty gold-plated terminals; a pair of tone control switches on the front baffle, for tailoring the speaker's sound to the room, and a perforated pintable metal grille. The tweeter focuses upper frequencies toward the listening area. Clamps along both sides of the box insure snug installation in drywall.

The CW800E is one of the most ambitious in-walls we've tested. Backed by a powerhouse like my halo A51, it can generate a daunting, palpable sound-field, with real bass, startling midrange clarity, and excellent treble reach. It's an impressive performer with rock and symphonic pieces, and a good choice for action-film fans...

"...the CWS8 delivers real impact without spatial intrusion. It could be a good solution where freestanding subwoofers simply aren't acceptable.

Both the $799 CWS8 and $2749 CW800E are high-performance products."

Barry Willis
The Perfect Vision

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