The PSB Speakers Story

December 2, 2005

Paul Barton, founder and chief designer of PSB Speakers, started with a vision in his childhood years as he played the violin and enjoyed the dynamics and natural sound recreation that music offered. As he became disappointed with the design and sound of traditional loudspeakers, Mr. Barton set out to change the loudspeaker and recreate that “true-to-nature” sound imbedded in musical soundtracks. PSB Speakers has endured many hardships and triumphs on its 40 year journey to perfect the design of high performance, high quality loudspeakers.

Starting in his father’s workshop, Mr. Barton started to develop his own loudspeakers and by the time he had reached high school he was selling them to university students and local audio enthusiasts in Waterloo, Canada. As Mr. Barton continued to create high performance loudspeakers, he started to build an esteemed reputation in the speaker industry and continues to uphold this reputation today by consistently shocking the world of audio. PSB is no longer a small-business operation and is no longer about just one individual; today, PSB Speakers International is a collaboration between our founder and chief designer, Paul Barton and the rest of the PSB team. Our team continually challenges themselves to produce the best speakers in the market for real people who want real sound.

PSB Speakers’ dedication to producing pinnacle loudspeakers doesn’t stop at the front door. PSB’s relationship with the NRC (National Research Council) gives our engineers a physical knowledge base and a wealth of resources hard to find anywhere else in the world. PSB was one of the first to use the NRC facility and has been working with the NRC since 1974. PSB Speakers continues to be one of the most active users of the NRC facility today. PSB’s experience with the NRC is one of their largest advantages, how we interpret the collected data and implement research in the design of loudspeakers sets us apart from other speaker manufacturers.

PSB Speakers are an ideal choice for today’s home audio consumer – novice to audiophile. Today, PSB offers a wide collection of high performance options, including Synchrony, Imagine, Image, and Alpha in-room speakers, outdoor speakers, SubSeries subwoofers, CustomSound in-wall/in-ceiling speakers, and in-cabinet speakers. With all these options at your fingertips, you’re sure to find a speaker system that will be just right for your listening preferences and the size of your listening room, or even your entire house! The dream of integrating our “Real Sound for Real People” philosophy into your home audio entertainment is not far out of reach.

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