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We at PSB Speakers strongly believe that strong customer service is an essential ingredient to having completely satisfied customers. Providing answers to your questions in a timely fashion is a very important part of meeting this objective. Below is a list of frequently asked questions, we hope that one of these questions addresses your concern and provides you with the answers that you need. However, if you cannot find the answer to your concern here please use our PSB Lounge and ask us your question directly, we will get back to you as quickly as possible.


Who do I go to for parts and service for my PSB speakers?

Please refer to the dealer where you purchased your speakers for assistance. If this is not possible, please contact our PSB distributor in your country. In North America please call please call 1-800-263-4641 (United States), or 1-800-263-4666 (Canada). For outside of North America, please contact the PSB distributor in your area.

Do you sell your speaker's factory direct?

No we do not sell factory direct. Our speakers must be purchased through our authorized PSB dealers. To find a list of local dealers, please check the PSB web-site under the "dealers" section and contact the PSB distributor in your area. Ensure that you only purchase through authorized PSB dealers as our manufacturers warranty is only valid on speakers purchased through our authorized dealers.

What types of cables or interconnects do you recommend?

PSB Speakers does not endorse any particular brand of cables. We usually use 14-gauge wire when testing speakers. Wire does affect sound and the best way to test this is to find an audio/video dealer who specializes in wire and ask for samples of different brands. We do recommend the following gauge of standard two-conductor wire for wiring distances:
Less than 25': 18 gauge
25-50': 16 gauge
50-100': 14 gauge
over 100': 12 gauge
If you prefer, you can use heavier (lower gauge) wire.

What brand of electronic equipment goes best with your speakers?

Our parent company owns a well respected, critically acclaimed line of electronic components called NAD Electronics. NAD offers a wide variety of audio and video components for custom installation, home theater and hi-fi applications. These products offer outstanding performance, value and simplicity while complimenting the line of PSB speakers beautifully. Please contact an authorized NAD dealer in your area for more information on these receivers. You can locate a dealer in your area by calling our NAD customer service department at 1-800-263-4641 (United States), or 1-800-263-4666 (Canada). For outside of North America, please go to the dealer section of the NAD website and contact the distributor in your country.

How do I obtain parts and/or service for my PSB speakers?

We always recommend that you contact the dealer where you purchased your speakers, for assistance. However, if this is not possible, please contact the distributor in your country. In North America you may call 1-800-263-4641 (United States) or 1-800-263-4666 (Canada).


Could you tell me what crossover frequency and volume setting I should use when setting up the subwoofer to optimally match my speakers?

Unfortunately, every room setup is a little different and it is difficult to advise exactly what settings would be best. Please try the following with a medium volume setting on your receiver: Try adjusting only one of the controls (volume and cutoff) on the subwoofer at a time. It will take longer doing it this way but it is the better way to go about it. Start with the volume, to get the level of bass you want and then adjust the cutoff control. Of course, when setting up your system it is a good idea to use the same 4 or 5 songs that you know the best.

What is Bi-wiring and do you recommend it?

First you must check with your authorized PSB dealer to ascertain whether your particular speakers are bi-wirable. If so, it can be accomplished by using one speaker cable for the woofers, and the other cable for the midrange and tweeters. At the other end, both cables connect to the same amplifier output terminals. The thinking behind it is that using separate cables for low and high frequencies would somehow reduce interference between the two and improve sound quality. However, unless you are using really thin speaker wire, there is usually no audible difference heard by bi-wiring. If you are using good quality 14-gauge speaker wire, then bi-wiring is usually unnecessary. However, should you desire, you can try it for yourself and see if you notice a difference.

Which method of inputting to my subwoofer do you recommend: Speaker level, low/line level, or LFE inputs?

Both High Level and Low Level are about the same. Low Level and LFE are the same inputs; the only thing that changes is the place where you adjust the Low Frequency Cutoff. Using the LFE input gives your receiver more control. Instead of having to walk up to the Subwoofer and adjust the crossover point, you can adjust it using the remote and on-screen settings through your receiver. When using the subwoofer with a surround sound setup that has the Low Level or LFE Output on the Receiver/Pre-Amp, is would be better to go with that.

Do your speakers require a "burn in" time?

No, our PSB speakers will sound great straight out of the box.

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