Home Theatre Speaker Packages

Synchrony Home Theatre Systems

PSB is about high quality sound, performance and value. This is why we have steered well away from the "home theatre in-a-box" craze that has consumers crashing into retailers' doors. PSB reveals an opportunity to invest and, therefore, we do not offer what we believe to be temporary solutions. The Synchrony Series Package represents the very best speakers combination money can buy and sets the soundstage for our company mantra – Real People for Real Sound. Audition a Synchrony package for yourself and reveal the audiophile within…


Synchrony One Home Theater speakersEverest Theatre System

This Synchrony Based Home Theatre system will reproduce your favourite music and movies with stunning quality.



Imagine Home Theatre Systems

One look at our Imagine Series of speakers and it's hard not to fall in love. With sensual curves, sweeping lines, and five stunning finishes, Imagine redefines how a loudspeaker should look. Imagine is more than just a pretty face. These loudspeakers stand up against much more expensive speakers, and have the reviews and awards to back them up. We took our hard-won knowledge and technical accomplishments from developing Synchrony to create the five Imagine models, thereby setting the standard for high performance and value. It is what we do best - reproduce the most natural, dynamic, and accurate sound at the lowest possible cost. Make no mistake - the Imagine Series may share Synchrony's engineering heritage, but it definitely has its own identity.


Imagine T Home Theater speakers

Atlantic Theatre System

This Imagine Based Home Theatre system is a stunning exsample of 21st century speaker production. The Imagines, with their curved wavey cabinets have no flat surfaces, which will guarantee a perfect fit into any decor but will also reproduce your favorite music and movies with stunning quality.



Image Home Theatre Systems

The Image Series Speakers are designed to be our most versatile line of speakers. With contemporary architecture, each of the Image Series is well-matched to today's lifestyle-oriented systems with refined lines and yet simplistic application. We have several packages that are both budget-minded and suited for the stringent demands of all formats of cinema and music. Take home an ensemble today and acquaint yourself with the PSB Speakers family.


HT2 Bundle Home Theater speakers

Image HT-2 Theatre System


Image B6 Cherry Home Theater speakers.jpg

Concert Home Theatre System


Image T6 Home Theater speakers.jpg

Command Performance Home Theatre System

This is a very-high-performance system, easily comparable to much more expensive ones, with a comfortably small footprint in the main speakers and an easily accommodated size in the surround speakers. The overall sound and power handling are astounding.



Alpha Home Theatre Systems

High definition home theatre doesn't have to come with a high price tag. We have tailored the Alpha Series to be adaptable and affordable at the same time and our recommended packages help to take the guesswork out of matchmaking. Each speaker in the Alpha Series is a tangible reference to over 35 years of speaker design excellence. Audition an Alpha ensemble for yourself and learn first-hand what has so many people talking.


HT2 Bundle Home Theater speakers

Mini Theatre System (Alpha HT1)

This system shows to just how stunning movies and music can sound with compact designs of minimal expense. The performance of this system is hard to believe, but supremely easy to enjoy.

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