Home Theatre Speaker Packages

Building the perfect home theatre system takes time and dedication. Regardless if you’re in a cramped or spacious area, it takes the right components to create the ultimate listening experience. With over 40 years of speaker design expertise to our name, PSB Speakers has a plethora of products that will fit any lifestyle. Here at PSB, we’re all about high quality sound, performance and value. The packages below represent the very best speaker combination money can buy, and sets the soundstage for our company mantra – Real Sound for Real People.


Imagine Mini Package - 5.1

Starting a home theatre system can be tricky, especially if you don’t have a lot of room to work with. Fortunately, we have a solution. Our Imagine Mini Package is both compact and powerful, and is the best choice for those small living spaces. Combine the Imagine mini with the Imagine mini c, and you’ll have a home theatre setup that is room-friendly and efficient, especially with the added bonus of the SubSeries 150. Although tiny in stature, these components will seamlessly deliver a high-performance listening experience.

Imagine Mini Hometheater system



Imagine T Package - 7.1

Finally found a place to call your own? Upgrade to our Imagine T Package and hear the difference top performing speakers make. Expanding on the Imagine Mini Package by bringing in some stellar audio components, the Imagine T Package raises the bar for home theatre setups. Whether it’s the Imagine T, Imagine C or the Imagine S, your house will be filled with crystal-clear sound. Taking center stage, the Imagine C produces stunning clarity and thanks to either the Imagine T or the Imagine S, will ultimately breathe new life into your favourite songs and movie soundtracks.

Imagine T Tower hometheatre system


Imagine T3 Package - 5.1

Representing the latest and most advanced thinking of PSB loudspeaker design, the Imagine T3 gives an unparalleled performance that will shake you to your very core. Delivering natural and dynamic sound, the T3 creates a sound field that is both massive and detailed. Backed by the SubSeries 450, your home will be filled with deep bass that you can feel and hear. Add the lush Imagine C3, and your system will be the aspiration of music lovers everywhere.


Imagine XA DOLBY ATMOS Package - 7.1.2

The first PSB speaker to be Dolby Atmos® enabled, the Imagine XA creates a captivating layer of sound above the listener, while delivering the excitement of Dolby Atmos-encoded soundtracks with 3D realism. Simply place the Imagine XA on one of PSB’s premium Imagine X floor standing or bookshelf speakers, and experience your favourite films like never before. Add ground-shaking bass with the Subseries 450, and feel like you’re inside the movie as the sounds of people, places and things come alive all around you.

  • 1 Pair - Imagine X2T Tower Speakers
  • 2 Pair - Imagine XB Bookshelf Speakers
  • 1 Pair - Imagine XA Atmos Speakers
  • 1 - Imagine XC Centre Speaker
  • 1 - SubSeries 450 Subwoofer
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