SubSeries 8 Subwoofer

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SubSeries Sub8 Subwoofer - No Grill

Progressive. Compact. Distinct.

The SubSeries 8 is a significant step up from the highly regarded SubSeries 6i subwoofer. Dual 10-inch woofers on opposite faces, combined with a powerful and efficient 400-watt Class H amplifier, create an extremely high output for its compact size. The SubSeries 8 has carefully applied equalization, giving it very wide and exceedingly flat frequency response. Its woofers were chosen for their controlled dynamic behavior, offering clean and tight output at all levels. The same horizontal and vertical window-pane-type braces contribute to a very stiff cabinet for clean bass output, while the specially designed front and rear ports aid to eliminate port noise.

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Rick Klages - New York

SubSeries 1 Subwoofer

I have a pair of Alpha B1 in black that have been surprising friends and family now for about a year. I also have a Sub series 1 Subwoofer. I have auditioned a number of larger speakers from ...

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