Surround Speakers

If you're looking for a speaker that'll deliver thrilling, edge-of-your-seat surround sound, look no further than our wide collection of surround sound speaker designs. They give you a consistent soundstage that fills your room from front to rear channels without compromising sound quality or performance. Grouped in families, each surround speaker shares the same tonal characteristics and has been precisely engineered to match its Synchrony, Imagine, Image or Alpha counterpart for seamless styling and harmonious sound.

Offering an exceptionally high level of performance with a broad range of wiring and placement options, our patented Tri-mode Surround™ design allows for easy wiring and placement, in addition to letting you use one pair of surround speakers for multi-channel applications. Forward firing baffles push each detail of the soundtrack to side surround channels, while rear firing baffles take care of the rear surround channels, leaving you in "the zone" to enjoy hours of sonic perfection.

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