User Review: Image T6 Tower, Image B6 Bookshelf, Image C5 Centre - amazing sound.

July 15, 2011

Products: Image T6 Tower, Image B6 Bookshelf, Image C5 Centre

after long hours of researching for speakers to meet my budget and my preferences, I can say I found what I was looking for. I looked at Energy RC-70, Polk audio RTI A and klipsch RF-82, all in the $2000 budget which was my limit. klipsch sorry to bright and for 50 % HT 50 % music listening.... dear lord you try to listen some kenny G on those horn tweeters at high volume your ears will bleed!!! the Energy RC-70 was to flat, the bass was kind of dead I even thought the woofers were damaged... sound was to weird, NOTE that those were going to be my choice cause my old ones were energy and I still love them, but after 7 years I wanted something new, finally the polks RTI A9, amazing speakers, kind of monster speakers to be honest, amazing bass, a bit to bright, not the best at higher volumes distortion is really bad on those... and I am not a fan of Silk (paper ) tweeter, google about them to see how many people blow those tweeters up!!!! I know the warranty is 5 years but do you wanna go though all that with brand new speakers like my friend did after 5 months??? so my choice was PSB Image T6, and when you buy them from the right dealer like kennedy hifi, cant go wrong, they are there like they own the speakers in case you have any issues!!! so 5*** to PSB and Kennedy HIFI for amazing deals and costumer service Thank you

Carlos - toronto

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