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December 16, 2011

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Well, after 7 months search for the perfect speaker, I finally purchased Synchrony Two and wow they are fantastic (also in my living room). I have for the last six months listened to many alternatives in this price range, including Dynaudio, Audiovector, Dali, Amphion, Gamut, Totem, etc., but none of them combines a beautiful wife-friendly design with an excellent sound. To make it as simple as possible, I've paired my Synchrony Two with a Naim Uniti and Straight Wire Rhapsody S speaker cable, this combination is a perfect match. The sound is very pleasant, extremely dynamic, and the perspective is as carved in granite, and very wide and deep, where you can clearly hear the musicians placement in sound (very impressive), what Synchrony Two does much better than the alternatives is the lovely crisp sound of guitars and voices, while a deep bass that goes really far down (30-35 HZ, I think). A good example of the votes is Bruce Springsteen's Dead Man Walking, which I have seldom heard so well as here, Bruce's voice is spot on and it just sounds better and better as the song built up with several instruments, the total lack of boxy sound (I have mentioned before) is really impressive, you listen only to the devices that play so perfectly that it sounds like there is only one unit. Highly recommended

Willy Nielsen - Copenhagen, Denmark

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