User Review: Synchrony One - Best-in-class clarity, smoothness, and authority!

January 16, 2012

Products: Synchrony One

The Synchrony Ones are truly amazing speakers. They do not have any sort of gimmicky colorations that impress at first but fatigue later - these are the sort of speakers that will impress you more and more over time. They are very versatile, wonderful with everything from female vocals to hard rock, to sweeping orchestral pieces. There is no speaker at up to twice the price that has equal measure of accurate reproduction, seamless coherence, and authoratitve punch. Even at twice the price and approaching 3x, most of the few competitors that have any advantage over this speaker only offer grander scale and greater dynamics as advantages, and even then we're talking about a small group of 15K+ speakers... That's rarefied territory that the Synchrony One moves through effortlessly. You've got to look past the price on these - they are really that good. I think these are among the very best of all speakers under 15K, and clearly better than anything close to their actual price. What floorstanders do I prefer to these? The Revel Salons, Sony SS-AR1, the TAD Reference Ones, and a few similar speakers - note their prices and you'll see what it takes to eclipse Paul Barton's masterpiece.

Dave Nat - Colorado

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