User Review: Image 6T - Image is right! Or is it left?

March 5, 2012

Products: Image 6T

I just purchased a pair of Image 6L for $450 a week ago. I know, ''You paid to much you you idiot!'' Before you start telling me this, hear me out. I lived in Portland Or. 8 months ago and owned a pair of 6T's and had to sell them due to the move here in Austin. My company told me that they would pay back the original cost minus what I sold them for. A no- brainer right? wrong! When I got here in ATX there were only "retro'' speakers for sale on C.L. ( ATX loves older crap and they brag about the day they smoked a whole bag of grass while listening to Hendrix on a pair of Fisher Price speakers. To make a long story short, I found a pair of 6T' in Dallas for $400 obo. Not having the time to drive up there, I convinced the seller, (GREAT AUDIOPHILE) to bring them to me for an extra $50. He said no problem and I am now united with my dream speakers again! I have bought a ton of speakers in my day but none that ever had the clarity and sound stage that these have. I would have payed full price again just to own and hear this model and brand for another ten years. Please keep up the great work and I will always be listening to my favorite speakers of all time. Who knows, I now have 2 more rooms and a MUCH bigger house here. I am going to have to outfit those rooms with PSB as well. ( thank god I now have a bigger wallet to go with the move)

Beau - Austin Tx.

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